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Ohio Celebrates National Teach Ag Day

On Thursday, September 21 and Friday, September 22, the Agriscience Interns hosted two “Practice Your Pathways” events at Wilmington College and The Ohio State University. The events were designed to introduce aspiring agricultural educators to different Agricultural and Environmental Systems Career Field Pathways that are outlined by the Ohio Department of Education. Of those six pathways, the interns created lesson plans and short demonstrations that focused on the A1 (Industrial Power and Technology), A2 (Animal Science and Management), and A5 (Horticulture) pathways. Katrina Swinehart and Shelby Faulkner, Ohio Agricultural Educators, and Dr. Caryn Filson, an Assistant Professor in Agricultural Education at Ohio State, talked about their experiences as Agricultural Educators and shared words of wisdom. The events attracted a total of 41 students. Not only did the pre-service teachers take home their very own bamboo plants, but they gained more insight on the profession and future lesson plans for their classroom.

The events were hosted by the Agriscience Interns. The interns are employed by the Ohio FFA Foundation as a part of the Teach Agriculture Ohio Campaign, sponsored by Ohio Corn & Wheat. Throughout their year-long internship, they work to recruit students to become agricultural educators. This event was one of many initiatives hosted by the student interns.

For more information about Teach Agriculture Ohio and the internship opportunities visit: www.teachagohio.org.