Ohio FFA Foundation

Cooperative Effort Among Education, Business And Industry

Support Helps FFA Members Go Further And Do More

Interest in the formation of a Foundation grew out of a desire of interested individuals and agricultural businesses in the 1940’s to inspire members of Vocational Agriculture and FFA programs to work for high standards and goals and to recognize members for their high achievement. A committee of 24 interested individuals established the Ohio FFA Foundation in 1957.

Today, the Foundation is a cooperative effort among education, business and industry to support and inspire Ohio FFA members. Over $500,000 is generated annually for FFA leadership programs, awards and incentives. Four specific divisions provide opportunities for businesses, individuals and chapters to partner with the Foundation. These include the general fund, sponsored projects, the endowment fund and memorials. Over 1,000 businesses, individuals and organizations support the general fund annually and the sponsored project area provides program sponsors for over 100 incentive awards, special projects and Career Development Events.

Ohio FFA Foundation
717A East 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43211

Jessica Parrish
Executive Director
jparrish@ohioffa.org – (614) 299-1332

Lauren Corry
Manager of Special Projects
lcorry@ohioffa.org – (614) 299-1332

Kathy Mann
Administrative Assistant
kmann@ohioffa.org – (614) 299-1332