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Summer Camp Employment

Interested in being apart of the 2017 Ohio FFA Summer Staff Team?
Are you available from May 30th- July 17th?

Applications are now being accepted!
Applications close end of day February 17, 2017.
Application can be found here.

Interviews will be on February 24, 2017.


Major Responsibilities:
* Develop and conduct personal development seminars and workshops
* Develop camp materials and plan program activities
* Instruct motivate and 217938_471381546219004_932444192_ndiscipline campers if necessary * Handle administrative duties as requested.
* Participate in planning meetings

Position Requirements:
* Staff must have experience in local, state and/or national FFA activities
* Staff must have a genuine interest in the leadership and personal development of FFA members.
* Staff must have the ability to develop and present personal development materials to campers.
* Staff must have the ability to work efficiently as a team member with camp staff, state staff and others.
* Staff must be willing to spend multiple hours each day planning and conducting camp activities
* Staff should be self motivated and possess a desirable speaking ability.
* Staff must be First Aid and CPR Certified.
* Staff must obtain certification as Lifeguard (Red Cross Certified)
* Staff must be able to to design and develop programming, administer medications, use technology by taking photos and generating slide shows.
* Be exuberant with little to no rest.

If you have any questions, please contact campĀ at 330-627-2208 or ffacamp@ohioffa.org.