Student Info

Hello FFA Members! Has your FFA Advisor already registered you for Camp? If they haven’t, ask them what they are waiting for, registration begins around the beginning of April. If they have registered you, below is some information that you may find helpful.

How should I prepare for Camp?
With your parents or guardian, complete both the Student Code of Conduct and the Student Health & Registration form. Don’t forget to complete both pages of the Health Form.

On the day you depart for Camp, make sure you have all medication (in its original container) that is listed on the form with you in a Ziploc bag with your name on it. Turn that in to your Advisor before you arrive at Camp.

What should I pack?
Shoes and Clothes… Campers are required to wear shoes at camp at all times. Proper dress is required in the dining hall. Campers are asked to wear clothing that is conservative and will not draw attention such as short shorts and leggings as pants.  Campers are asked to avoid wearing clothing with drug, alcohol, or tobacco references. Clothing that is inappropriate for a school setting is also inappropriate at Camp.

You should also bring these things: a sleeping bag or two sheets (bunk size), pillow and pillow case, towels, soap and other toiletries, fishing tackle, musical instruments for the talent show, clothing suitable for camping including one pair of long pants, light jacket, two pairs of shoes, one of which should be closed toes, camera, spending money for the Canteen (items from $0.50-$40, T-Shirts $15, Hoodies $22), Ranges, and Paintball (if you want to play), and a good appetite!