Teacher Info

Welcome School Representative!

Already have your Nature’s Classroom experience scheduled? Here is some information that will make preparing for your trip easier.

We want your outdoor education experience with Nature’s Classroom to be unique, valuable, and memorable. Organization and efficiency allow us to devote quality time with your students.

While preparing for your visit, please share the following information with your students and their parents:
1.  Student Health/Registration and Student Code of Conduct forms – please have these forms filled out and returned to you prior to your visit.
2. Student packing list – encourage parents not to buy new items, but to send items to Camp that can get messy.
3. Medication Instructions

At least two weeks prior to your visit:
1. Contact Camp to verify field group numbers.  This can be done by email, ncdirector@ohioffa.org or by phone, 330-627-2208.
2. Fill out this menu and inform us of all known allergies and dietary restrictions. This menu is subject to change at the discretion of our Kitchen Manager based on supplies and the camp schedule.
3.  Choose your schedule.  Give us a call to discuss the options, only if you want to change it.

Upon arrival to FFA Camp Muskingum, please have this paperwork prepared to give to the Nature’s Classroom Director:
1.  Signed Student Health/Registration, signed Student Code of Conduct forms and the chaperone health forms.
2.  All labeled medication in its original container.
3.  Camp store money and camp store ledger sheet.
4.  Please provide us with a list of students that are eligible for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.
5.  Special needs list (diet, health concerns, birthdays, etc.). If possible, please organize the special needs lists by field group.  That way it will be easier to give the relevant information to the field group instructor.
6.  Completed Field Group List assignments (please try to balance the number of males and females).  Please check with the director before completing lists to find out the number of field groups.
7.  Bunk bed assignments (optional).  For floor plans and a bunk sheet assignment sheet, please contact Camp.

We are excited to work with you and your students this year!

Are you a school that doesn’t currently come to Nature’s Classroom at Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum? Contact us at ncdirector@ohioffa.org, 330-627-2208.