Teacher Info

Welcome FFA Advisors!

To register your students for Summer or Fall Camps log-in to Teacher Central. There is a $75 deposit to register each student for Camp, this deposit will be deducted from your Camp fee if the student attends Camp. If a student is dropped 2 weeks prior to the session you are registered, you will only forfeit the deposit of $75. If a student doesn’t show up to Camp but is registered and not dropped, the full Camp fee will be charged per Camper.

Brand new teachers receive scholarships for 3 of their students to attend Camp if they stay as a chaperone. In addition, their fee is waved.

Before your students head to FFA Camp Muskingum here are a few reminders and information to help you check in successfully.

The FFA Camp Muskingum Board policy states that any chapter registering 10 or more students to Camp must send a teacher or qualified chaperone to attend Camp with the students. This will help us with program execution and dorm responsibilities.

As a chaperone your role is to provide appropriate supervision and care of the students throughout the program particularly during free time, Camptivities, in the dorms, and supervision throughout the night. Each chaperone is assigned an area of responsibility. The areas you could be responsible for are: Ranges (rifle, shotgun, or archery), Boat House (canoes, kayaks, and motor boats), Dining Hall, Canteen, or Recreation. If you have a preference email Camp your top 3 choices.

Prior to leaving for Camp, please remind your students of the dress code. Campers may not wear clothing that will draw attention. Shorts should not be inappropriately short and leggings should not be worn as pants. Clothing that promotes drugs or alcohol are also not permitted. If it is inappropriate for school it is also inappropriate for camp.

The FFA Camp fee includes camp insurance for the students, meals, and the use of Camp facilities and equipment. The insurance gives students protection from the time you leave home until the time that you arrive home. Each camper is protected for up to $2,500 (injury), $300 (dental), and $500 (illness). Proper forms must be processed to claim insurance benefits.

When arriving at Camp, please remember the following:

  • Call or email Camp with any registration changes, even if they happen that morning.
  • Have each students’ signed Student Code of Conduct collected.
  • Have each students’ completed Student Health & Registration form.
  • Collect all medication from the students and make sure they are listed on the Student Health Form.