Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum hires Nature’s Classroom Instructors/Outdoor Educators twice each year. Hiring for the Spring season begins mid January and runs from early March until the end of May.  Hiring for the Fall season, begins early July, the season runs from mid August until mid November.

To apply for a Nature’s Classroom Instructor position please fill out the Application.

What we do: We have groups of students, typically 6th graders, that come to camp for an outdoor education experience with their classmates and teachers. While at camp, they’re split up into groups, which we call field groups. One instructor is assigned to each field group. As an instructor, you would eat meals with your group, take them on hikes, lead team-building activities, and give them a tour of our nature center. Instructors also teach ‘classes’ to the students, which can be on a variety of topics. We let our instructors choose what they want to teach, so as long as you can construct a class to fit our teaching philosophy, you can teach it. Classes on nature, science, arts, crafts, history, society, sports, camping skills, and pretty much anything you can come up with are all acceptable. With some of our groups we run a living history program based on the underground railroad. We also do other camp activities, like campfires, large group games, and dances.

What we want: We’re looking for people who love kids, want to learn, and are excited about being outside. Camp experience is great! Although having experience in outdoor education or camp is a plus, it isn’t necessary, we believe that as long as you are excited to learn, we can teach you what you need to know.  Individuals from all areas of study are encouraged to apply.

What you get: All of our instructors live in our staff house, which is pretty much like a normal house with several bedrooms. Students are supervised by their school teachers at night, so once we have snack and let them go, our instructors are free to head back up to the house without camper supervision responsibilities. The staff house has a full kitchen and living room with Directv, and has laundry facilities (no charge), and internet.  Salary is paid twice a month. Besides all of that, you get to learn a lot, interact with students, and have fun while working.

For more information take a look at nature’s classroom.