Adventure Education

Adventure Education is a unique experience where individuals challenge themselves and the members of their group both physically and mentally to overcome barriers. Here at Camp Muskingum, our Project Reach program fosters a “Challenge by Choice” environment which allows participants to choose their level of participation. This gives them the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone on their terms and at their own pace. Project Reach offers programs of Low Ropes, High Ropes, and Paintball for groups of all different sizes and are willing to work with you to design the right experience for you.

High Ropes

Our High Ropes Course offers 11 separate climbing and traversing challenges that range in height from 20 to 30 feet.  Participants learn not only how to communicate and work under tense conditions, but also how to support and encourage other team members within a trusting environment. Test the limits of yourself on our Climbing Wall, feel the wind rush through your hair on our Zipline, work together to climb the Giants Ladder. All these challenges and more await you at Camp Muskingum.

Low Ropes

Our Low Ropes Course offers 9 elements and countless co-initiative challenges to help your group become a team. During a Low Ropes session, Groups will develop creative solutions, cooperation/ social skills, and trust for each other as well as individual confidence. All of this is achieved with the help and guidance of our trained qualified facilitators who create an environment of fun, while keeping the group excited and focused.


Leadership skills, taught at 280 feet per second. Bring your team or group for an exciting new way to bond and grow together. Our High energy game modes will create shared experiences that will last a lifetime. All of the equipment you need will be provided and no experience is necessary to play. With two different courses, we have all the space you need to have a blast here at camp.

For more information on any of these activities please call 330-627-2208 ext 206 or email camp at