Teacher Connection

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Blue type = individuals new to our profession – Black type = individuals moving to a new school – Black italic = individuals returning to our profession

New and Returning Teachers for 2020-2021

District 1
Brett Kneeskern, Oak Harbor-Penta
Jessie Schulze, Pike-Delta-York
Bryan Smith, Sylvania Southview

District 2
Danielle Haydocy, Crestview Ashland
Ashley Sherman, Mapleton
Alison Butler, Margaretta

District 3
EmmaLeigh Given, Mahoning CTC
Meredith Hoover, Maplewood CC

Daniel Stirling, Trumbull CTC

District 4
Maverick Liles, Allen East
Chloe Metcalf, Elida
Danial Maltsbarger, Lima
Elizabeth Landis, Miller City

District 5
Emily Brautigam, Celina
Dustin Knapke, New Knoxville
Cody Myers, Sidney
Mitchell Gehret, St. Henry

District 6
Ali Peterson, A.B.Graham-OHP Middle
Trisha Seckel, Global Impact
Cody McClain, Marysville
Cole Riddle, Mechanicsburg

District 7
Aaron Gates, Clear Fork
Taylor Lutz, Clear Fork
Robert Thiel, Lancaster
Mark Misita, Unioto-PRCTC

District 8
Zack Canter, Buckeye Trail
Andrea Raines, Caldwell
Sydney Burns, Claymont
Joelle Jones, Harrison Central
Taylor Ryan, Indian Valley
William Kackley, Meadowbrook
Matt Wentworth, Shenandoah
Charlee Prushing, Switzerland of Ohio-Beallsville
Whitney Clagg, Tri-Valley

District 9
Alexis Steiner, Clinton Massie
Morgan Kiehl, Greene Co CC
Lindsay Scott, Laurel Oaks
Carley Snider, Talawanda-Butler Tech
Gabrielle Cooper, Wilmington

District 10
Jenna Meeks, Alexander
Garrett Crawford, Collins CC
Devan Eckert, Southern Racine
Brenda Waulk, Wellston

2020 Teacher Retirements

District 3
Raul Kemp, Trumbull Co CC

District 4
Tony Dyer, Ada
Dennis Pohlman, Elida

District 6
Kevin Neer, Mechanicsburg

District 8
Dave Stiles, Indian Valley

District 10
Steve Crawford, Collins CC